Technology platform

Technology platform

Slow and controlled release preparation technology

Sustained and Controlled Release Formulation

On the basis of many years of research and development experience, the formulation research and development team has established a perfect slow-release formulation research and development system, and created a professional and quality-controlled R&D platform. At present, it has successful research and development experience in slow-release pellets, gastric retention tablets, gel skeleton tablets, waxy skeleton tablets, enteric-coated tablets, osmotic pump tablets and other dosage forms。



Application of technology platform for slow and controlled release preparations

  Sustained-release preparations: hydrophilic gel skeleton preparations represented by HPMC and waxy skeleton tablets represented by behenate glyceride achieve sustained-release effects through the dissolution of sustained-release materials or pores formed by pore-causing agents;

Representative products: metformin hydrochloride sustained release tablets and its compound preparations, trazodone hydrochloride sustained release tablets, diclofenac sodium sustained release tablets, etc。

  Enteric preparation: By using new PH-dependent polymer resin materials (such as acrylic resin or cellulose ether), the drug is released in the back of the digestive tract, which can reduce stomach irritation, local drug accumulation, and targeted drug delivery.

Representative products: Aspirin enteric-coated tablets, Mesalazine enteric-coated tablets, rabeprazole sodium enteric-coated tablets, etc。

  Osmotic pump preparation: Osmotic pump technology is the use of osmotic pressure difference as the driving force and combined with semi-permeable membrane control drug release technology。At present, the most widely used is osmotic pump sheet。The osmotic pump tablet is composed of a drug, an osmolar active substance and a propelling agent, and is coated with a semi-permeable film with a drug release hole。The commonly used semi-permeable film materials are cellulose acetate and so on。Osmotic active substances commonly used salts, sugars, such as sodium chloride, sucrose and so on。The pushing agent is often a swelling substance, such as polyoxyethylene, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose and so on。After administration, the gastric and intestinal fluid enters the tablet through the semi-permeable membrane, and after the drug is dissolved, it is released uniformly and at a constant speed through the drug release hole (laser drilling or microhole) depending on the osmotic pressure difference inside and outside the tablet and the action of the pushing agent。

Representative products: Glipizide controlled release tablets, Paliperidone controlled release tablets, nifedipine controlled release tablets, etc。



Platform instrument

The company is equipped with advanced slow and controlled release preparation equipment and testing instruments, including laser punching machine, double layer tablet press, fluidized bed, melt granulator, coating machine, logan automatic sampling and dissolution instrument, agilent automatic automatic dissolution instrument, reciprocating cylinder dissolution instrument, etc。