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Oral instant solution technology

Oral Instant Dissolve Technology

Oral instant dissolving technology mainly includes oral instant dissolving film and oral disintegrating tablets。

Oral instant dissolving film(Oral Fast-dissolving Films, OFDF for short),Also known as the mouth soluble film,It's a new drug delivery system,It is to load a certain dose of chemical or traditional Chinese medicine extracts into the membrane material to make a film sheet,On the tongue,It can quickly dissolve and release drugs in saliva without drinking water。

Representative drugs: Sildenafil oral soluble film, tadalafil oral soluble film

Rapid oral collapseOrally Disintegrating Tablets (ODT) is a new oral dosage form。It is an oral drug release system made by wrapping drugs in microcapsules and adding soluble excipients such as mannitol and sorbitol。This kind of preparation can disintegrate rapidly in the mouth under conditions of no water (or only a small amount of water exists), and enter the digestive tract with swallowing action. There is no mucosal absorption in the mouth, and the absorption and metabolism process in the body are consistent with that of ordinary tablets。Compared with ordinary preparations, ODT has the advantages of convenient administration, fast absorption, high bioavailability, and little irritation to digestive tract mucosa。 Rapid oral collapse tablets can dissolve in saliva in a few seconds or disintegrate in the mouth。This novel formulation is most suitable for children, the elderly, bedridden and severely disabled patients。

Representative drugs: Sildenafil oral collapse tablets, aripiprazole oral collapse tablets, benzosulfamestine oral collapse tablets, etc。