Technology platform

Technology platform

Photocatalytic reaction technology

Photocatalysis Reaction Technology

  Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical photocatalytic reaction technology platform is committed to developing and expanding the application of advanced, efficient and green photochemical synthesis technology in actual drug synthesis and production;

  Combining photocatalysis technology with continuous chemistry technology, the production of drug intermediates ranging from kg to 100kg was realized by continuous photocatalysis technology.

  Developed blue light and near ultraviolet photocatalysis technology to synthesize a series of bridged cycled compounds (such as functionalized BCPs molecular blocks and intermediates, etc.), thick-ring and multi-ring drug intermediates, and made progress in C1 chemistry, which will provide more and better services for drug research and development;

  In the future, bimetallic co-catalysis and the synthesis of high-value molecular blocks and drug intermediates through metal-free photocatalytic reaction modes forming EDA complexes will be developed,Realize the leap from chiral photocatalytic reaction to chiral,In the academic development of more mature advanced photocatalytic technology applied to the actual drug synthesis,Make efforts for the leap of photocatalysis technology from academic to industrial。



Technology platform equipment

  Agilent gas chromatograph glove box

  Optical parallel reaction device



Advantages of photocatalytic reaction technology platform

  The platform has the ability to efficiently construct Bridges, thick rings and polycyclic compounds。Especially in the olefin, alkynes 2+2, 2+3 cyclization reaction and bifunctional reaction, high tension open loop addition reaction, intramolecular/intermolecular HAT/HAA reaction.

  Under the condition of photocatalysis, there is a certain technical basis for C-X (C-N, C-P,C-O, etc.) bond construction;

  It has the ability to independently design new photocatalysts (photosensitive metal complexes), and carry out general photocatalytic organic chemical reactions and mechanism research。