Technology platform

Technology platform

Fluorochemical technique

Fluorine Chemistry Technology

  Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical Fluorine chemistry technology platform, in cooperation with well-known research institutions at home and abroad, in the field of fluorine chemistry technology, is committed to the development of efficient, green environmental protection of new fluorination reagents and synthesis of diversified fluorine-containing molecular blocks, and successfully achieve commercial production;

  Developed and realized a series of trifluoride, difluoride and monofluoride reagents commercial production, such as the new generation of "Meben reagent", "Hu reagent", SulfoxFluor, TMSCF2Br, HCF2SO2Na, H2CFSO2Production scale-up of Na and other important fluorine-containing reagents from kg to 100kg。These reagents are stable, cheap and easy to obtain, efficient and easy to operate, and can be used in many fluorination reactions.

  Fluorine chemistry platform docking domestic and foreign customers, according to the needs of the development of important fluorine intermediates synthesis process, in addition to the completion of dozens of commercial orders, but also published a number of research papers and technical patents。



Advantages of fluorine chemical platform

  The platform is capable of designing and synthesizing novel fluorinated reagents and fluorine-containing molecular blocks by itself。

  Experiments can be carried out to screen the reactivity of parallel fluorinated reagents, in addition to providing customers with kg fluorinated reagents and fluorine-containing moleculesIn addition, we can also provide customers with services from the design of fluorinated reagents to the optimization of reaction activity。



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